Seasonal Traditions

Advent and Christmas Services and Traditions

Beyond the traditional lighting of the Advent Candles each week, All Saints schedules the “Greening of the Church” when parishioners decorate the sanctuary with seasonal highlights such as garland. On the second Sunday of Advent, we usually schedule Lessons and Carols and on the third Sunday of Advent we enjoy our children’s Christmas pageant.

All Saints typically has three Christmas Eve services with the afternoon service designed for families and children. Attendance at these three Christmas Eve services totals between 800 and 1,000. The Christmas Day service is a long-standing tradition with normal attendance of 50 to 100 parishioners.

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Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Traditions

The making of our Palm Sunday crosses is a long-standing tradition of the parish that takes place on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is a day for the faithful of the parish to come to be with one another as we know the fate that awaited Jesus.  A solemn yet joyful day in the life of the parish. 

Maundy Thursday is recognized with a service commemorating the Last Supper.

Good Friday sees two special services: the Akathist of Thanksgiving at noon and a Tenebrae service in the evening.

We hold two services on Easter Eve – a special children’s service in the afternoon and an Easter Vigil service in the evening.  

Easter Day brings a full morning with two choral Eucharist services with a combined attendance that has swelled to 700 people. 

Pentecost Sunday

All Saints’ sanctuary and parishioners get dressed up in red for this day that also marks the end of the choir season and beginning of our summer season.

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St. Francis Day (Blessing of the Animals)

Over the years we have had various incarnations of our service for the Blessing of the Animals on or around St. Francis’ Feast Day in October.

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Thanksgiving Service

Although we hold our own service this day, All Saints enthusiastically joins with three other Montecito churches (Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Evangelical Covenant – collectively known as “M4”) by celebrating Thanksgiving at one of the churches on a rotating basis. This is typically scheduled mid-week on the week prior to Thanksgiving.