worship-sundaysAll Saints celebrates the Holy Eucharistic twice each Sunday and also holds a monthly Family Feast Eucharistic service for parents and children in the Parish Hall concurrent with our 10 a.m. Sunday service.

Our early service is at 8 a.m. and features a hymn but no choir. Our 10 a.m. service has a full choral Eucharist, accompanied by our choir of parishioners and professionals (September through May). Children from Sunday School typically rejoin the 10 a.m. service at Communion. Attendance ranges from between 80 and 120 parishioners.

Our Eucharistic services are typically Rite II. The language of our worship is primarily from “The Book of Common Prayer” as well as from the “Enriching our Worship” supplemental resource. Frequently liturgical elements outside the Church Publishing publications are used with the goal of using a strong architecture from our Anglican and Episcopal heritage that merges with culturally contextual language. We regularly welcome from 175 to 225 at this service.

Outdoor socializing fortified by coffee follows each of the Sunday services. Besides catching up with each other and welcoming visitors, the time between services is also used for educational presentations, group or committee meetings, discussion groups or review of next week’s lectionary.

Other Special Sunday Activities

Our Annual Meeting is typically held on the second Sunday in February. At the Annual Meeting we reflect on the year past, review our plans for the future, and elect the slates for the new Vestry class, the Diocesan Convention delegates, and the next year’s Nominating Committee.

Homecoming Sunday

Is when we install the new year of Sunday School teachers, welcome the children to Sunday School, and celebrate the return of those who have been away during the summer, including the choir.

Consecration Sunday

Is typically the first Sunday in November to coincide with our patronal feast day (All Saints) to culminate our five-week Stewardship season. Guest preachers are often invited during this five-week period. Consecration Sunday is when we gather all pledges for the coming year.

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