All Saints “Adopts” the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade; Sign Up To Help In Several Different Ways

All Saints is partnering with an ad hoc group of (strong) area residents who are led by Abe Powell, the president of the Montecito Fire Protection District Board. He’s organized the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade of people who are helping residents to dig mug out from their homes. Here’s their focus (note they are not removing mud but moving around to provide access):

  1. Create pathways to doors and garages
  2. Move mud from inside homes and help owners/renters look for personal possessions
  3. Move mud from around the perimeter of a home to allow access to crawl spaces, utility hook-ups, etc.
  4. Dig out cars or other items in yards
  5. Dig mud away from the base of large trees, such as oaks

The Brigade has already helped at least two parish families: one to dig out an automobile and another who needed mud removed from a driveway to enable removal of a car from the garage.

We can do much if we are creative and open to the Holy Spirit that is calling us to help those who cannot help themselves during this period of tragedy and sorry.


Here’s what they could use from All Saints:

  1. Strong people who can dig/move mud
  2. Purchase and delivery of items such as bins that homeowners/renters can use to place items they recover; gloves; shovels; eye protection glasses, N95 masks.
  3. Help to pick up/deliver meals
  4. Help at work areas to coordinate cleaning stations, meal services, etc.
  5. Help at the check-in table to assign volunteers and homeowners who seek help


Details for Those Working to Shovel or Sort in Mud

For those who work to shovel mud or sort through the mud, you are asked to sign a waiver taking full responsibility for your actions and involvement. You can check in at 10 a.m. at the Brigade table set up in the Montecito Oaks neighborhood just off Olive Mill Road — find the corner of San Benito and Santa Tomas.

Please follow this link to fill out the preliminary volunteer form:


Details for Homeowners/Renters Who Need Help

If you are seeking help regarding property damage or other issues related to flood: Please follow this link to give contact and other critical information:


Details to Volunteer for Non-Mud-Related Volunteer Support

If you would like to volunteer through All Saints, please contact
Sheri Benninghoven at
Chip Nichols jumped in to buy shovels, gloves, bins and more and delivered to the Santa Barbara Mud Brigade.
sheribenninghoven@gmail.comor via cell/text at 805-450-4886. Already, we’ve accomplished the following:
  • Don Benninghovenbought bins and gloves at Home Improvement and delivered them to the Mud Brigade’s check-in table; he’s also volunteering to help coordinate volunteers
  • Chip Nichols bought from OSH and delivered shovels, gloves and bins
  • Vera and Richard Scheef arranged for 75 sandwiches for all the workers’ lunch on Tuesday
  • Sheri Benninghoven ordered masks and protective suits and made Don deliver them to the check-in site
Don Benninghoven delivers bins and gloves to the Mud Brigade work site at the corner of San Benito and Santo Tomas in the Montecito Oaks neighborhood.