Centering Prayer and Healing Prayer

A dedicated group of parishioners meets between services to practice these forms of “living” prayer each Sunday. On the first and third Sundays of the month, the group practices a “sit” in Centering Prayer. On the second and fourth Sundays, a fusion of Healing Touch and Healing Prayer is practiced in prayer partnerships called Healing Presence.

In addition to Sunday gatherings between services, this small group practices and discusses Centering Prayer on Wednesday evenings at  5 p.m. and again on Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m.  Contact: Jaque Reed 805-969-4409 or Jane Murray 805-684-4405

The Healing Touch Project is a two-church project between All Saints and Trinity Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara. Ten women are qualified with the national Healing Touch association (Spiritual Healing Touch Ministry) as Healing Touch practitioners. Healing Touch sessions with parishioners are scheduled regularly, and the group meets for support meetings on the last Friday of each month in the Parish House Living Room.

Prayer Chain prays for parishioners, their loved ones, and all others who request prayer for healing, comfort and other needs.  Prayer request cards are available at the back of the church or may be phoned to the church office.  Contact: Anne Hopkinson.

Healing Presence:
Second and fourth Sunday mornings 9:15-9:55 Parish Office conference room.Other times as requested
Support meeting last Friday of each month. Parish House living room.
Contact: Pat McClure 805-969-1426