The Divine Dance

Join our Wisdom Group’s reading adventure this fall as we explore Richard Rohr’s latest book: The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation. In this book, Fr. Rohr draws from scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history to  present a compelling understanding of One God, belovedly in communion – All-Vulnerable, All-Embracing, and All-Given to you and me.

All Saints readers are invited to join a lecture series on The Divine Dance this Fall offered by our friends of the Word & Life group – held every Thursday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 from Sept 7 to Nov. 9 in the First Presbyterian Church meeting room.  Our own Fr. Paul Collins will be one of the lecturers on Oct. 12th.  Please check their website for details:

But whether you read with the Word & Life group or  prefer to read on your own, you’re all invited to join us for the summary session, bringing your insights and questions to the Saturday Retreat on The Divine Dance on Nov. 11th from 9 to 3 in the  Parish House Living Room.

Please sign up for the reading experience at the Information Table. Questions and comments? Pat McClure,