Response to Our Stewardship Campaign

By Fr. Paul Collins and Kathie Deviny

Fr. Paul and Kathie have listened closely to the recent Sunday talks about how the financial condition of the All Saint’s Budget affects our important outreach, family/children and capital campaign ministries.

Kathie especially likes concrete information, so appreciated the information that a 5% increase in pledging by all members would cover our operating shortfall. It may seem sacrilegious, but she sees our annual budget much like the condo dues she and Paul pay, which keep their home safe, sound and solvent.  Our church “dues” cover all those things, as well as providing us with the spiritual sustenance we need, and indeed, depend on.

To cover our annual pledge, we tap into our own “operating expenses.”  Believe it or not, it can be fun to juggle various spending categories and realize that a  small percentage reduction in food, meals out, travel, etc. can make it happen.

Denny Bacon’s talk on the Capital Campaign stressed how early payments on our capitol pledge would boost the bottom line.  That caused us to rethink our schedule of payments. Why can’t we speed ours up?

And then Heather Hawley broke our hearts as she spoke about our new Godly Play Program and what a blessing it’s been to her and the children.  And then a member of the outreach committee held up one of the darling duffle bags for the Cleveland kids to take to camp (instead of a plastic sack).

At coffee hour we talked to a university student who was among the ones devoting all those summer hours to establishing  Godly Play.  And he was working with the youth group, who have a different program!  We all know how else he could have been spending that time!

We realized that to start growing and thriving right now, all of us need to be thinking beyond five, to a six-plus percent increase in our annual pledge.

For that young man and for many of us, stretching our financial contribution is probably not possible right now.  But he has more than met this goal through his time and dedication.  As have so many more of us who have contributed the time and talent part of the equation by serving on vestry, committees, volunteering in the church office, as tutors, in other outreach ministries.  And so can we all.

It sounds corny, but now we two parishioners have not only faith, but hope in the Love that our parish is contributing to our neighbors, our community and our planet.  Thanks be to God!

Fr. Paul Collins and Kathie Deviny