Prayers and Important Information from All Saints; Campus Closed Due to Potential Flooding

Dear People of All Saints:

Once again, we find ourselves in a perilous time as much needed rains threaten flash floods and mudslides. Of course, the rains are needed in our drought-stricken land, but timing is everything. With rains falling on scorched and barren earth, many of you are in mandatory evacuation zones; All Saints falls in a voluntary evacuation zone.

In order to ensure safety for individuals and our community, All Saints is suspending all church activities during the evacuation. The church office is closed today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday), and Book Group is rescheduled for Monday, January 22nd at 6pm. Tuesday morning Eucharist and Tuesday EFM are also cancelled for this week. Following the course of our local public schools, our Parish School is closed today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday).

Please stay off the roads and follow the warnings and directives of our public officials charged to keep our community safe. At the bottom of this email you will find several key tips provided by Santa Barbara County, as well as a website at which you can obtain more information.

I know that you are all weary of natural disasters. I am too. Please know the church has people standing by to assist with evacuation if you needed help. We also have people willing to offer hospitality to those who might need a safe place to stay. If you are able to offer assistance or hospitality, please let us know, as well. You can contact us by calling the office at 805-969-4771 and following the simple prompts to reach a clergy on call. Alternatively, you may call or text my cell phone at 773-6199-0397.

Our prayers are with everyone affected directly or emotionally by the Thomas Fire and now by the potential for flooding. I offer this litany for your use. May it bring comfort and strength to you and our community.

In time of flood and fire, and throughout the aftermath, let us pray to the Lord.

For all who are traumatized, for all who have been injured or lost property and livelihood, we pray to the Lord:

Lord have mercy.

For the healing of shock, coping with uncertainty and holding on to hope; we  pray to the Lord:

Lord have mercy.

For strength to endure, energy to clean up and resilience to rebuild; we pray to the Lord:

Lord have mercy.

For opportunity to thrive again, to be safe and to return to trust and confidence; we pray to the Lord:

Lord have mercy.

For deliverance from the painful memory of shocking things seen or experienced; we pray to the Lord:

Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy on your people as they cope with loss through flood or fire. Raise up for them people and resources to help. Grant them peace, hope, and belief in a future blessed by you.


Please know that God is with us in this time of trial. My prayers are with you all.

Rev. Aimée