Neighbors Pitch in to Help with Supplies, Food as All Saints Campus Serves as Evacuation/Triage Center

Below is Noozhawk’s report about All Saints. The campus was named as a triage center where anyone who could not get out of the area could make their way to the campus to receive medical care and assistance. A helicopter med-evac service was established to ferry out those seriously injured. Our neighbors pitched in to help evacuees who were dropped off at All Saints by fire fighters. The Parish Hall was used to provide shelter, warmth and restrooms. The Sanctuary was opened for those in need of respite and spiritual care. Neighbors brought food, blankets, sleeping bags, and their care. All Saints became an island when debris and mud flow closed all area roads and the US 101 highway. An AMR ambulance and paramedic crew happened to be on campus when the closures happened. Those remaining were helped by our clergy, staff, neighbors and parishioners who had been nearby. The Parish School was opened for children to play in and neighbors took in children to help with day care.

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