Message from Rev. Aimee: Dear People of All Saints

Dear People of All Saints:
I know that each of you have been significantly touched by the tragedy that struck Montecito. There is so much to tell you about what transpired at All Saints. As we became ground zero for those rescued and evacuated — to be treated and transported to the hospital or a shelter — it became clear to me that it was the relationships that All Saints has with our neighborhood and our community that meant literally lives were saved and people helped during this time of crisis. Hundreds of people were evacuated from our campus — emergency personnel knew we would be there for them and we worked arm-in-arm to treat and shelter so many who were in need of so much.
We will find ways to share with one other our respective stories. I can’t wait to hear of your stories and to share with you my family’s story. We are working on how to create these opportunities for sharing and storytelling. It’s how we all will begin to heal and process what we’ve been through.
Please know that I miss you and that we did safely evacuate to the Mesa. Today I am at Trinity Santa Barbara. They have warmly embraced us and look forward to extending that to each of you who can make your way to Trinity on Sunday. For those of you at points south, the Revs. Vicki and Jerry will conduct home church and you are also welcome at St. Paul’s in Ventura.
May God bless you and hold you close,
Rev. Aimee