The Healing Room Opens October 4th

As people of prayer and faith in the 21st Century, we find ourselves living in a universe of energy and consciousness where “Energy medicine” meets living faith to create a new kind of healing prayer. It turns out that human energies can be focused by faith and prayer into healing intention and touch that restore balance and inner order in those who open themselves to that shared intention. Healing Touch is a gift of that confluence.

A group at All Saints, trained in its national program, have been quietly practicing Healing Touch for several years. It has taught us that getting pulled ‘out of sync’ in body and mind happens regularly to everyone. But, instead of seeing ourselves as mechanisms that need fixing, we’ve come to recognize that what troubles us can be a gateway to spiritual growth and balance. Honest and open prayer lights the way for us. And we marvel at the innate knowing in the body to heal and re-order its systems when its energy centers are strengthened and balanced with Healing Touch.

The Healing Touch Ministry is opening The Healing Room for all who are interested in a sojourn into healing prayer and an experience of Healing Touch with us.

Beginning October 4th and continuing every other Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Terrace Room at the rear of the Parish House.

Look for the sign-up sheet on the Information Table and in the church office.

A second sign-up sheet is also provided for those who are interested and would like us to call them to check the offering out.