In the truest aspect of life in an Episcopal Church, lay leaders play an integral part in the life of the parish. Opportunities for the ministry of leadership abound and include service on a variety of ongoing and ad hoc committees.


All Saints’ Vestry is comprised of 15 parishioners in good standing plus the Rector. The Associate Rector and Director of Administration both regularly attend meetings but are not voting members. The Vestry typically meets monthly throughout the year.

Approximately one-third of the Vestry is elected to a three-year term at each Annual Meeting. The Vestry is responsible for adopting and monitoring the Church’s annual budget, managing the campus, conducting the annual giving campaign, monitoring the Church’s invested funds, and generally managing the temporal affairs of the Church.

The Rector appoints a Senior Warden from the elected members and the Vestry elects a Junior Warden from the elected members. The Rector and Wardens meet at least monthly in addition to the monthly Vestry meetings.



Investment Committee

The Investment Committee meets quarterly and assumes the fiduciary responsibility for All Saints approximately $2.6 million in restricted funds (capital preserved) and unrestricted, reserved funds. These invested funds are made up of approximately $900,000 restricted for endowment (corpus not to be spent), $900,000 designated for specific purposes (e.g., music fund, capital expenditures), and the remainder undesignated and unrestricted.

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee considers, analyzes, and investigates all matters concerning revenue, expense, financial control and accounting, and auditing in connection with the Church’s and Parish School’s affairs. The Committee also reviews proposed activities involving significant expenditures or uses of Church assets and makes recommendations to the Vestry.