Our Church campus is used to serve our community as a pre-school, a refuge for adults in recovery and to serve the elderly. We are blessed with a beautiful worship space and a welcoming congregation – two important components of our Christian identity.

Eight buildings under nine roofs dot the All Saints campus to support our Sunday and weekday programs and to address the overall needs of our community:


Originally erected in 1900 and remodeled most recently in the late 1980s, this is the oldest and most beloved building on campus, iconic throughout town. Surprisingly, it had to survive two major attempts to demolish it. Plans for significant remodeling, seismic retrofitting and replacement of the organ are under discussion by the Vestry and congregation.


This two-story building sits across the street from the Sanctuary and was purchased in the 1940s. This is where clergy and staff have offices and a conference room.




parish-houseParish House

This building, next to the Sanctuary, was the rectory when built in 1934 on the site of the original vicarage. It has been extensively renovated and remodeled over the years. Today this structure primarily houses the Sunday School, one of two campus kitchens, and oft-used meeting rooms. A detached garage is used for storage.


9H1A0613Parish Hall

Tucked behind the Church, sharing a property line with the former Miramar Hotel and a roof with the Parish School, this building houses the second of our two kitchens, our largest single meeting room, and a stage. Originally constructed in 1929, it too has undergone renovation over the years. Wednesday post-Eventide suppers are served here or on the lawn nearby.

friendship-centerFriendship Center

This portion of the campus across the street from the Sanctuary, next to the Office, was originally constructed for Sunday School classes. Today the Friendship Center occupies most of this building with a community meeting room available to the public and used regularly by 12-step groups.



parish-schoolParish School

Adjoining the Parish Hall, these classrooms were built in 1962 and mirror the style of the Parish Hall along the back of the property.